WIN: Non radio related, $200 GC for clothing

Out of the blue, I won $200 gc for clothing! Hooray. Here is to a new .... pair of shoes!

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Kym Piekkola Says :
2:03 PM

Long time no talk.
I guess we've both been busy winning stuff.
I just won the $1,000 cash on STAR.
So that puts me at about $5,300 for the year. Who knew.

Let me know about any good travel contests. I would love to win a family vacation.

jefftexas Says :
9:42 PM

Congrats on the win! I found your blog via I heart contest's blog.

I have been sweeping since 2000 I'm addicted and love it! I won a trip to Vegas this year.

I love reading what others are winning and I'm glad I found your blog.

Good luck for some great wins-Jeff

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