BLOG: Points, schmoints

If you had not heard yet: All the clear channel stations are requesting that people not share bonus point information with others. I find this really kind of crazy. Especially, since I never really end up winning anything in the "Up for Grabs" section. By the time it is posted, it is gone!

Technically these prizes are free. These are prizes they used to give away randomly. Now they save the larger ones for onair giveaways. And they make us go through the hoops of entering in codes -- that we listen for all day (most of us that is and then to get shut down because they get picked up so quickly when they release them.

And to top it off, they want to tell us not to share codes. When all we do is talk about their radio station crap all day long...

Heck, I say we go back to the old way of calling in for these and cut out all these password, bonus code, click-thru, special event bs...

oh, hold on, I have to put another code in...

I feel like we're on the island with the LOST cast, entering in codes all day. For what? For the machine to not count down to zero. boop ... beep ... boop.

And put some real prizes in there. I wanna see a nice new automobile in the Up For Grabs section. No raffle. Just straight buy it with my points. Once a month, a different vehicle would help make this more worth while.

With the money these radio stations pee out every commercial break... and they want to give us their comp stuff? Come on... (as Leykis would say)

hehehehe. Now, I am done.

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