contest win: Online entry

Woo hoo! Received a package from DHL. Won an online entry from one of the LA radio stations. Two night stay @ the Four Seasons in Arizona Resort and Spa! Calgon take me away :) We so need this ... Thank you!!

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Kym Piekkola Says :
2:06 PM

I finally saw your post to mine. You sound just like me. I was working at an Ad agency in LB before I came here. Too funny. I've won each month consistently on STAR: tickets to Green Day at the Wiltern, Men's Christmas Prize package, and then the SuperBowl Party.
Just out the website to see the pictures.
It's sooo addicting.

contest gurl Says :
12:06 PM

I totally agree. Hence this blogsite. 3 wins three months in a row -- that is fantastic. And I thought I was good with my two this month! :)

How was Green Day by the way?

Kym Piekkola Says :
11:32 AM

Green Day was amazing. I took my then 10 year old. Even thought it was a school night and it was a late concert I knew this would be a once in a lifetime chance to see one of his favorite bands. Funny thing is that we took him the Saturday before to the Home Depot Center for his "First Concernt". We had bought the tickets in April. However, the Wiltern show was so much better. We were sooo close. He LOVED it... me too! I am more picky about what I call in for since you can only win every thirty days. And now I can't win any thing over $1,000 for a year but the TV is sooo worth it.

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