CONTEST: Ping and Win SuperSac Attack contest

My entry: Love Sac Baby!!!

My worst piece of furniture would have to be the first piece of furniture I purchased for my first apartment as a young adult!

When I first moved in, I had nothing at ALL! In fact, for months, I slept on the floor with some blankets as padding. I didn't feel that I needed a bed right away but then again, my budget would not cover anything over a couple hundred dollars. So I was limited!

Well, I was finally shamed into a purchase when my roommate brought over a date one night. Apparently, this guy turned out to not be so much a date for her as she tried to hook me up with him that night (besides the point). With all his charm, he insisted on seeing my room (despite my refusal, he pushed the door open and saw its bareness in all its glory).

He laughed and continued on about why I didn't have a bed for a good thirty mins (thank God I didn't at this point, last thing I'd want to do is pry him off my bed, considering he pushed his way into my room. Who knows what he'd do. PS if you are out there and reading this... that was just a really weird and creepy).

Alas, after that ordeal, I went out the following weekend and purchased my first, very own black metal framed FUTON! Despite its ugly looks, it served as a bed and couch (like) for a least a few years! I had to part with it when the frame got bent (too many moves, I was a gypsy in my early 20's).

"The Metal Beast"

I held on to the massive cushion for a year or so later too. I continued using it as a bed without the frame. I found it better that way, anyhow. With this experience, that is/was my worst piece of furniture. I did however enjoy many of the qualities and characteristics the mattress had, which I grew to love. Big enough for a few to sit on, soft and squishy!

With that said, this is why I'd love something as plush and wonderfully enveloping like the Love Sac in my house. I have been looking for that same wonderful cushion type furniture, that is better and bigger than a bean bag and not quite JUST a futon mattress! The Love Sac looks like I could get lost in it for days (just need to find the time to do that). Well if not for days, 30 mins at a time will do!

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