BLOG: Broken Bonaduce

I am not sure what is more sad. Watching Danny Bonaduce launder his personal and family issues on television or that even despite all that tv/counseling time, he and Gretchen have finally decided to call it quits.

More sad than that is the two children involved. Despite effort to keep their marriage together over the past several years, Danny announced today that he and Gretchen have filed for divorce.

Sit back and watch how this one plays out. According to an article on LA Times this afternoon, Danny was quoted saying, 'he is holding out hope for a reconciliation but also said that he had threatened to drag out the divorce until they were all penniless if she grew contentious during the split'. He later apologized. But as you may have seen from episodes of 'Breaking Bonaduce', he tends to rely heavily on making knee jerk emotional decisions as if he enjoyed the drama, which somehow may have validated his worth/role in the family.

No wonder Star 98.7 did not renew his contract or why a certain morning show did not run after him when he left. Right now, Danny is working on The Adam Carolla Show which started at the beginning of 2007.

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Kym Piekkola Says :
10:22 AM

Long time no talk.
I guess we've both been busy winning stuff.
I just won the $1,000 cash on STAR.
So that puts me at about $5,300 for the year. Who knew.

Let me know about any good travel contests. I would love to win a family vacation.

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