BLOG: Alternatives to the Alternative stations

The history, the roots of alternative music and radio, where has it gone? Remember when KROQ 106.7 was the preferred 'alternative' station for the greater Los Angeles area... Do you really... I do. And it is strange how KROQ has slowly evolved into this new hip, airbrushed, emo-screamo stylized top 40 music station. Before they had no real said guidelines for the types of music they had to play. In fact, you could call Richard, Poorman, or Heidi and ask for an older Depeche Mode, Cure, U2 non commercial song and at the time, they might actually play it if they felt like it. Now, if you called and asked them to play Depeche Mode, the intern just might not know who DM is. And all you 30 somethings know, this music is what built KROQ to be the station it is today. With this transgression away from the punk/alternative format (if there ever was one), 30 somethings now have nothing else to listen to on free radio besides what is being force feed to them on KROQ.

On a side note, making a more noteable change in path, MTV may have been the media that started this trend. They strayed from their original roots of 24/7 music videos to a new format of non-video television. And in the same vein, KROQ, has followed right behind by playing nothing remotely close to their original 'alternative' format.

Where has this left the die hard punks in Los Angeles. One unlikely station arose a few years ago and has remained a steadfast option to the mindless garbage played by the Clear Channel conglomerates.... Indie 103.1.

Some naysayers doubted the station could/would have lasted this long. But with names like Steve Jones, Nina Blackwood, and Dave Navarro hosting shows, who wouldn't listen? I have listened and I like what I hear. I hope they continue to support this format of good music and KROQ can continue to hand select music straight from INDIE's playlist...

....but we all know who played it first.

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