PETITION: Clear Channel pulls DJs and begins a new format

Star 98.7 wants to try something new. Something entirely new for the radio station that is.

As of April 14, 2006, Star 98.7's airwaves have been quiet with only music playing. This is a bit unusual as just a week prior, there were dj's hosting at least 4 different slots during the day.

Now, because of mass emailing and online petitions, they have decided to give their morning trio (Jamie, Jack & Stench) one last chance. Now, it is up to the listeners to save their favorite L.A. morning dj's.

Can they do it? Or will these dj's just become another blip on the Clear Channel map?


UPDATE 4/28/06

I Just Left The Meeting

No small talk, here's what I know! We weren't fired and we convinced them to give you guys a voice. They're going to let us know next week, but they're going to give the listeners a venue to actually make known what they want... For and Against us. So this is good news! It means there is a real chance we're coming back! I'm out of town visiting relatives this weekend, so don't think I'm ignoring you. I'll let you know as soon as I do what they going to do... And then we'll hit'em hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to you guys for all the support and for letting the station know that you love us! You Rock, Jack

6 Responses to "PETITION: Clear Channel pulls DJs and begins a new format"

LastUserNameAvailable Says :
7:19 AM

Just want to say what a great job you've done. Hope you keep updating. I, for one, will check back often. Thanks for all your work.

cre8vepkg Says :
9:37 AM

Just wanted to let you know that I've stopped logging onto the Star website for Freeloaders and have also sent letters to all the sponsors telling them that I will not use their products/services due to the way Clear Channel has handled this fiasco. It's always about the money. If they see that people have stopped logging onto their site AND have stopped using their sponsor's products/services...maybe that will send a message....

Kate from Garden Grove Says :
3:03 PM

Yep what a shame, once again, politics screw things up.

Maybe you should get rid of some of those lame higher ups, that just whine and don't bring anything of importance to your station...not to say, you could hire two DJ's I would imagine, for their one salery!

I too, will not be logging into, nor listening to star any longer. The DJ's made the show.

I don't know how the new format is, I don't listen to you any longer and I don't plan to.

I hope all the DJ's get hired somewhere else, especially Jamie, Jack and Stench...and their LOYAL listeners will follow them.

That would be great, then your radio station would go tits up.

I can't even believe your considering bringing Danny back, what a whackydoodle he is...such a relapse junky. BOY oh BOY!

I believe in Karma, what goes around...always comes around.

You choices are such a disappointment.

Kate from Garden Grove.

astrocoz Says :
12:42 AM

I'm just amazed at what Clear Channel gets away with. I'm not listening anymore. I hate the new format. Anyhow, keep on updating, cause I know I'll be by checking it out.

Kevin Says :
2:00 AM

Just wanted to say thanks for mentioning my petition. It needs all the exposure it can get.

Anonymous Says :
2:27 AM

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