TIPS: Betting Your Odds...

Listening from your PC to streaming radio? This may be the very reason why you are not winning or getting through on the phone lines.

You may already know that streaming radio has a buffering delay. But for those who do not know, you may be surprised to hear this.

There you are sitting, waiting all day for the next chance to win XXXXX prize, and then they announce it and the freaking lines are busy. What the F*ck. How is this possible? Well are you listening from your PC at work or home? If you want to increase your odds at winning, perhaps you better stick with the old radio.

Streaming radio buffering is part of the problem. Depending on your delay due to streaming, internet speed, and other disturbances on your connection; you could be anywhere from 5-15+ seconds behind the regular radio listener. This could have its advantages but in most cases not.

If the standard radio giveaway is for caller 20, a ten second delay could significantly lower your odds of even getting in at all. I know it seems pretty random, however, mathmatically this factor will decrease your chances.

Until internet streaming radio can load without the delay as explained by Star 987's site,
my suggestion would be to invest in a small desktop, portable radio.

Read more here at Star 98.7's website relating to this streaming radio buffering delay -- specifically pointing this problem out, Here.

Question: Why am I hearing your stream on a delay from the over the air broadcasts?

Answer: We send our over the air signal to a streaming company who then processes it and sends it out over the internet. This creates some delay. More delay is caused intentionally to allow the tuner a “buffer” which picks up scrambled bits and bites and then reassembles them so that it sounds as if nothing has been missed in the process. In other words, it creates less drop-out this way. Yes – it does make it tough to play some contests when a delay is involved. We are aware of this, but at this time, there's not much we can do about it. Also, to be eligible to participate in a multi-market contest you must be listening to a Clear Channel radio station originating in the Total Survey Area of the market you reside.

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